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Marco Speranza

"Marco believed that the most important things in life are those that you do from the bottom of your heart. This inspired him to change his university course and fulfil his dream which he had since age 4, to become a pilot. Unfortunately, destiny got in his way, when the aeroplane crashed during his first lesson, on February the 8th, 2013 at the age of 20.


Marco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 6, he first came to Abu Dhabi. During all of his 10 years in Abu Dhabi he managed to make lots of friends and even kept the ones he left in Buenos Aires. Speranza 22 is the result of all the love Marco gave through the years. All the people that knew him have a special memory of him in their hearts.


I’m amazed by the fact that Marco left a mark throughout time, became a legend at just the age of 20 and I believe that’s what life is about.


In memory of Marco, a true inspiration."


Nadia Desiree Speranza

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