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Speranza22 (S22) is an international invitational rugby team that has, in a short period of time, built up a famous reputation on the International Invitational 7s circuit.

In 2009 a unique group of rugby players from the Abu Dhabi Harlequins won the Dubai 7s U18s tournament. One of the champions was Marco Speranza, dominating at number 22, the shirt he chose to represent his birthday, 22nd September. After his tragic passing in 2013, at just age 20, the original team members from 2009 came together and entered the Dubai7s International Open Tournament that same year. This was the memorable moment that ‘Speranza22 was born’.


Over the past five years Speranza22 has become synonymous for excellence, both on and off the pitch, with the goal to build an outstanding brand for the charities and sponsors- this has been inspired by Marco’s philosophy:

‘the most important things in life are those that you do from the bottom of your heart’

This philosophy has resulted in the outstanding donations of over £35,000 to their affiliated charities. 2018 will ensure that Marco’s legacy, through rugby, continues by supporting truly worthwhile causes.

Collectively, S22 carry Marco’s values and his determination with them and every game played is their way of keeping his memory alive.


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