S22 Charities

Speranza22 is delighted to have supported so many good causes over the years. Having raised in excess of 80,000 AED ($25,000) we have been able to support some fantastic causes in Marco's name. Please visit some of the causes we have supported over the years by clicking on the links below.

Care for Children and Elders Association


Care for Children and Elders Life Association (CCELA) is a non-political, not-for-profit privately run humanitarian organisation, working to address the root causes associated with orphans and vulnerable children, and the destitute elderly in Ethiopia.  They depend solely on the generosity of sponsors and donors to continue our work.

The orphanage provides a loving, secure home for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children, with a focus on education as a foundation for children's long-term success and independence.  CCELA proudly provides economic support for school-aged children in their care to attend a private school. This private education funding provides significant advantages over the government education system and provides a wonderful stepping stone and opportunity to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.

In addition to institutional care for orphans, CCELA provides comprehensive services including a community based sponsorship programme, skill training for Nannies working in both governmental and non-governmental orphanages, and economical and psychosocial support for the destitute elderly.

CCELA facilitates lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help and providing economic opportunities. Since establishment, CCELA has assisted over 100 needy children and elders.

Puttinu Cares


Puttinu Cares is a charity in Malta that raises much need funds to support the parents and families of children with cancer to enable them to travel to the UK for cancer treatment that might not be available in Malta.

Asian Center Foundation


Asian Centre Foundation’s aim is to help disadvantaged children and children-at-risk in Phuket, Thailand by providing care, training and education so that they will fulfill their potential.

Try Rugby


Try Rugby was set up by volunteers at Abu Dhabi Harlequins originally with a focus on supporting those children with Special Education Needs (SEN) or disabilities to help develop gross motor and ball skills as well as peer interaction and teamwork in a safe and secure environment for the children using rugby as the medium for development. However, the success of the program has now seen Try Rugby open to any children from age 7-12 who want to learn rugby in an environment more suited to their needs and development whilst maintaining a focus on children with SEN and or disabilities.

Mike Ballard Foundation (MBF)


On April 4th, 2014, Mike Ballard suffered 'significant damage' to his spine while representing the Abu Dhabi Harlequins in the West Asian Cup Final. The MBF was set up as a platform for the Rugby & Wider Gulf Community to come together in support of Mike Ballard during his rehab back in the USA. Now that Mike is back in the UAE working and self-supported he is using his foundation to help support those less fortunate around the world. In 2016 MBF took a goodwill mission to Madagascar to deliver much needed medical supplies, including 40 wheelchairs to some of the poorest areas.