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‘The most important things in life are those that you do from the bottom of your heart’

Marco Speranza 1992-2013, Left Wing and Full Back

About Marco Speranza

"Marco believed that the most important things in life are those that you do from the bottom of your heart. This inspired him to change his university course and fulfil his dream which he had since age 4, to become a pilot. Unfortunately, destiny got in his way, when the aeroplane crashed during his first lesson, on February the 8th, 2013 at the age of 20.

Marco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 6, he first came to Abu Dhabi. During all of his 10 years in Abu Dhabi he managed to make lots of friends and even kept the ones he left in Buenos Aires. Speranza 22 is the result of all the love Marco gave through the years. All the people that knew him have a special memory of him in their hearts.

I’m amazed by the fact that Marco left a mark throughout time, became a legend at just the age of 20 and I believe that’s what life is about.

In memory of Marco, a true inspiration."

Nadia Desiree Speranza



Orlando Speranza

Marco's Dad

Stella Speranza

Marco's Mom

Agostina and Nadia Speranza

Marco's Sister

"Thank you Marco, for being my son in this short period of my life. You are here with the Speranza 22 Team, your team, to inspire wonderful people with a wonderful soul!  Love you Lecheria"

"I can see Marco in all of the S22 boys"

''We were lucky to have our best friend as our bother. We now have so many brothers taking Marcos name around the world''

2013 - present

Rory Greene

Founder and Original

Rory coached Marco and the exceptional U19 team in 2009. Along with the originals he set up and founded Speranza22 in Marco’s name. Rory has run Speranza22 since the first tournament in 2013.

2013 - 2015

Adam Hughes


​Adam coached Marco and the exceptional U19 Abu Dhabi Harlequins of 2009. Having spent many years in Abu Dhabi, Adam and his family returned to Australia in 2016.

2013 - present

S22 Caps - (2013, 2014, 2018, 2019)

Rodrigo Costa

Fly Half & S22 Original

Oldest of the 3 Costa's, Rodrigo "Roddy" Costa was instrumental, with his brothers, in bringing Marco into the game of rugby! Now living and playing in New Zealand and represented Auckland 7s team along with his two brothers. Instrumental in winning the 2017 International Invitational Cup. Now living and woking in New Zealand

2013 - present

S22 Caps - (2013,2014, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Ignacio Costa

Half Back & S22 Original

Ignacio "Nacho" Costa is the middle of the 3 Costa brothers and instrumental in bringing Marco into the game of rugby, he continues to be instrumental in the running of S22 and playing at the highest level. Now living and working in New Zealand

2013 - present

S22 Caps - (2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2023)

Nico Costa

Half Back

Nico is the youngest of the 3 Costa brothers. He was too young to play in the original U19 side in 2009 but did come on, aged 14, to play in the last U19 15s game in Abu Dhabi. A serious talent who has been key in playing for our Elite side. Now living and working in New Zealand

2013 - present

S22 Caps - (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Jonny Burkmar Cullen

Scrum Half & S22 Original

Jonny B-K is a true S22 legend. One of the originals back in 2009. He moved back to his native England but has been a key part of S22 since then.

2013 - 2017

S22 Caps - (2013,2014,2015,2016,2017)

Fraser Doake

Flanker & S22 Original

Fraser is an original S22 member having played with Marco at Abu Dhabi Harlequins U19s. Fraser is one of the most capped S22 originals. He is now living and working in his native New Zealand

2013 - 2015

S22 Caps - (2013, 2015)

Kyle Knox

Flanker & S22 Original

Kyle "Skipper" Knox is an original S22 member having captained the original Abu Dhabi Harlequins U19 side in 2009.


S22 Caps - (2013,2014)

Steven Mclean

Prop/Hooker - Original S22

Stevo is our sole Canadian representative. One of the originals from the infamous 2009 team he is now based fulltime in Canada where he is a lumberjack.


S22 Caps - (2013,2014)

Osama Shayeb

Back Row / Prop & S22 Original

Osama "Sama" Shayeb is an S22 original from 2009. A beast of a prop back then he now playes in the abck row having moved back to his native USA.


S22 Caps - (2013,2014)

Jason De Broize

Prop & S22 Original

Jason is another of our 2009 originals who spent much of his childhood in the UAE. Now back in his homeland South Africa he continues to excel on the rugby


S22 Caps - (2013)

Todd Eunson

Prop & S22 Original

Todd was an original S22 member having played a key part in the Quins U19 season back in 2008/09. He now lives back in his native Australia


S22 Caps - (2013)

Nick Luff

Half Back and S22 Original

Nick "Luffy" Luff is an original S22 player having played with the lads in 2009. An exceptional talent whose playing days were cut short after a series of series knee injuries. He now lives and works in his native Australia. 


S22 Caps - (2013, 2015)

Phil Vorster

Winger & S22 Original

Phil "Sneaky" Vorster is an original S22 man having played with Marco in the outstanding U19 team of 2009 and also alongside Marco in the Arabian Gulf U19 team.  Originally from South Africa he remains in the UAE where he lives and works 

Tyler Beresford

Winger & Original Team Mate of Marco

Tyler was in the original 2009 U19 team. Having completed his schooling in Abu Dhabi he returned to university in The USA before joining the military. Due to his commitments in the US, he has unfortunately been unable to represent S22!

In the Spotlight: Marco Speranza's Journey

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