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Meet The Speranza 22 Family

The team was officially formed in 2009 when we (Abu Dhabi Harlequins) won the Gulf u19's competition at the Dubai Rugby 7's. After Marco passed away, the team got together to play in the 2013 Dubai Rugby 7's, this time as Speranza 22. Since 2013, the team has grown and will keep growing as we commemorate Marco's life and raise money for charity. 

Meet The Team


Ben Magee


Callum McKenzie


Cam Roberts

Jarel Hemehema

First Five / Full Back

Jarel is making his S22 debut in 2017

Renata Roberts Te-Nana

Full Back / First Five

Reni is making his S22 debut in 2017

Orlando Speranza

Marco's Dad

"Thank you Marco, for being my son in this short period of my life. You are here with the Speranza 22 Team, your team, to inspire wonderful people with a wonderful soul!


Love you Lecheria"


Marco's Mom

''I can see Marco in all of the S22 boys''

Agostina and Nadia Speranza

Marco's sisters

''We were lucky to have our best friend as our bother.''

Rory Greene

Manager & S22 Original

S22 Involvement: 4 (2013,2014,2015,2016, 2017)

Rory coached Marco and the exceptional U19 team in 2009. He currently lives and works in Abu Dhabi and alongside running S22 he is also the current Manager of the Abu Dhabi Harlequins Men's 1st XV team. 

Adam Hughes

Manager & S22 Original

S22 Involvement: 3 (2013,2014,2015) 

Adam coached Marco and the exceptional U19 Abu Dhabi Harlequins of 2009. Having spent many years in Abu Dhabi, Adam and his family returned to Australia in 2016 which meant he could not make the 2016 tournament. Whilst S22 missed him, the Heineken Tent definitely did, as they reported a slump in profits for the first time!

Patrick Milton

Physio & Support

S22 Caps:4 (2013,2014,2015,2016)

Pat "The Magician" Milton is an exceptional physio who currently works and lives in Abu Dhabi with his family. Not only does he look after S22 at the 7s but he also patches up, repairs and generally maintains all of the Abu Dhabi Harlequins teams and affiliate sides, numbering over 10 teams! There is no person who works harder over the 7s weekend and he can often be seen hurdling pitch fences to rescue cameramen who have collapsed in the heat or patching up other poor people who have enjoyed the festivities of the 7s a little too much. Not all heroes wear capes!!!

Richard Foulds

Main Sponsor

S22 Involvement: 3 (2014,2015,2016)

Rich has been instrumental in gaining sponsorship for S22 since 2014. As the main sponsor himself, he has been a fantastic support to S22 ever since. He enjoys the 7s and seems to get more vocal as the day progresses, nothing to do with his numerous visits to the refreshment tents. Rich lives in Abu Dhabi with his wife and two sons, both of whom are at Bromsgrove School in the UK.

Fraser Doake

Flanker & S22 Original

S22 Caps: 5 (2013,2014,2015,2016,2017)


Fraser is an original S22 member having played with Marco at Abu Dhabi Harlequins U19s. Fraser is one of the most capped S22 players, having played in every Dubai 7s since 2013. An eternal student, Fraser is completing his studies in New Zealand in some form of PhD in a subject we can't pronounce let alone spell. Yes, an S22 member with brains as well as brawn!!!

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